DVRx-2550 / DVRx-2600 - How to setup motion recording only (latest firmware)

Last Updated: Jun 24, 2015 02:45PM AEST

How to setup motion recording on my DVR (latest firmware)

The DVR comes out of the box set to record continuously, however you’ll find that motion detection is already enabled for all channels.  Please follow these steps to setup your DVR for motion recording ONLY.



2. Inside the RECORD menu, you should see the RECORD Setup and MOTION Setup. Select the RECORD Setup menu and go to the settingRECORD MODE and set it to SCHEDULE.  The SCHEDULE button should appear beside it; click on the button to go to the next screen.


3.In the RECORD SCHEDULE screen, make sure first that the CH option (at the top left) is set to ALL.  Next, go to the red box beside ALARM and click on it using the mouse, or press the SELECT button if you’re using the remote / front panel buttons.  A checkmark should appear inside the box.  Next, go to the boxes for SUNDAY; using a mouse, you can left-click on the leftmost box and hold the button down, then drag the mouse all the way to the rightmost box.  The entire row of boxes for Sunday should now be highlighted.  Alternatively, you can click one by one on each of the boxes using the SEL button of the remote or front panel buttons.  Once the entire row of boxes is colored red, go down to the bottom.  The line should say by default, “Copy from SUN to ALL”.  Click on the COPY button to the right, it should make the rest of the boxes red.  Click APPLY to save, then EXIT to get back to the previous screen.

4. Back on the RECORD SETUP menu, go down to COPY TO and make sure it says ALL, then click the COPY button.  On some DVRs, you will only have a COPY button.  Click on the COPY button, then click on ALL, then OK.  Finally, hit APPLY to save the settings.

5. Go back to the RECORD MENU, then go to MOTION.


6. In the MOTION menu, make sure that the MD (motion detection) status is set to ENABLED.  The sensitivity by default should be at 5;  1 is the lowest while 8 is the highest sensitivity.  You can adjust the sensitivity for each channel individually.  Click on the AREA SETUP if you want to block out certain areas within the camera’s field of view from detecting motion.


In this example, the DVR will detect motion  from the entire screen.                          

This example shows the same image, but the top left side is not activated.  Movement within that area will not trigger motion detection.

  1. Again, click on the COPY button and select ALL, then hit OK to copy the settings to the other channels.  NOTE:  DO NOT use the copy button if you are trying to set the sensitivity and motion areas individually per camera!!!
  2. For the changes to take effect, you need to restart the DVR. Go back to the MAIN Menu, Select SYSTEM and then MAINTAIN. Under the Maintenance screen, you should there an option REBOOT (Right Beside LOAD DEFAULT). Select REBOOT and it will prompt for a WARNING, just select OK. The DVR should then reboot.
  3. At this point, the DVR should be set up for motion recording only.  You should only see the R appear after the M for motion detection has appeared.  When no M has appeared for a while, the R should disappear.  If the R does not disappear from one or more cameras, check the popup menu for the option 'Stop Manual Record'.  If that option is there, select it.  The R should disappear from all cameras not detecting motion.
Applicable to DVRx-2550, DVRx-2600, DVRx-1200 with VGA, DVRx-1300 with VGA. DVRx-1400 and Security in a Box 
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