PTZ Setup Guide (for 2550 interface)

Last Updated: Jan 27, 2015 11:06AM AEDT

PTZ Setup Guide (2550 interface)

Connecting the camera to the DVR

1.       DO NOT MOUNT IT YET. This is for you to do some testing first if the camera initializes by its own or not. Connect the power supply that came with the camera. The camera should initialize by its own. Then disconnect the power supply again from the camera.
2.       Know which one is the positive or the negative leads of your PTZ camera. If it is one of our PTZ cameras, normally the positive is the pink/red lead and the negative is the grey/black. There are also some labels attached to the wire to know which one is positive and negative.
3.       Next, check which one is the positive and negative leads of your DVR. It will have a label at the back which is TX+ for positive connectors (left side) and TX– for negative (right side).
This is what it looks like at the back
4.       Since you are going to use an extension cable for the camera, make sure you follow which wire is the positive and the negative.
5.       Now, connected the positive wire to the positive side on the DVR and the negative wire to the negative side.
6.       Connect now the video cable of the extension cable to the video input of the DVR.
7.       Lastly, connect the power connector to the power supply.
8.       Now we are done with the connection.

We need to know now the settings of the PTZ camera and the DVR

1.       For the camera, it is on the manual what are the Protocol, Baud Rate, and Address. Some of the cameras, when powered up, displays those information on the screen connected on the DVR.
2.       Once you got those information, take note of it since we will be using them on the DVR.

Let’s got now on the DVR’s Menu

1.       Access the MENU then go to DEVICE then PTZ.

2.       Go to the channel on where you connected the PTZ camera. Let’s say you connected it on channel 1.
3.       Next, look for the Protocol, Baud Rate, and Address. Make sure they are the same with the information you got from the camera’s settings.
4.       If you did some changes on the settings, make sure you always hit on APPLY.

Now it’s time to test the camera.

1.       Go on the live view first where you can see just the cameras. If you are still on the Menu, right click on the mouse until you see all the cameras.
2.       Right click then select PTZ. The PTZ controller will then show up. See attached figures.

This is for 2550 interface (below Main Menu is the PTZ icon)

PTZ controller for 2550 interface
3.       Click the arrow keys to see if the camera will now move or not. If the camera has a zooming function, click  or  to zoom out or zoom in.
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