Network IP conflict message from my NVR / HDR system

Last Updated: Oct 31, 2014 01:59AM AEDT

If the DVR gets a DHCP assignment of as the gateway address, then that conflicts with the IP address held by the internal NIC, resulting in the DVR assigning as the gateway. I tested this on our own network using an Internal NIC address of This is clearly unintended. There also appears to be some evidence that even if the gateway is not *.1, using the same subnet results in network IP conflicts. This can completely remove the DVR from the network in some observed instances.

Change the Internal NIC address to a class B private subnet, such as Initial testing shows that the cameras are unaffected by such a change. Class B subnets are also exceedingly rare on most router configurations, which should then remove the issue of network conflicts almost entirely.


How to change the Internal NIC using the Swannview Plus software (Windows)

  • Let the Swannview NVR client autodetect the NVR so you can add it to the list of devices.

  • Once the device has been added, select the device then click on Remote Configuration.

  • In the Remote Configuration screen, go to Network > General.  Here, the POE field / option is the Internal NIC IPv4 address of the NVR.  Change this so that its subnet is different from the Gateway IP.  Hit SAVE to apply the settings, then  REBOOT to restart the NVR.

You can then proceed with setting up the DVR for local / remote access as normal.


Changing the Internal NIC on the NVR/HDR system.

  • Go to the Menu screen and select Configuration

  • Select Network on the left
  • Under the General tab, click on the IP address next to the Internal NIC IPv4 Address and change it to

  • Hit the Apply button to save 
  • go back to the main Menu page and select Shutdown
  • Reboot the system

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