No Capture card found

Last Updated: Dec 19, 2014 09:19AM AEDT

No Capture card found

Have you previously had a Capture device in your machine, or do you have one installed at the moment? Sadly Windows does not deal well with multiple capture devices and in order to get functionality you must remove any other capture devices installed and delete the drivers and files associated with them.
If you do not have any other cards installed then the most likely cause of the error is a faulty installation of the driver package, or possible a resource conflict. To fix this, please go to Start > Control Panel > Add/remove programs and then un-install the "881 driver" and "TV Card" by selecting them and then clicking on the "Change/Remove" button. This will pop up another window in which you need to select "Remove" and then click "Next".
Once this has completed, please shut down the computer and move the TV card to another PCI slot on your motherboard and then restart the machine and install the drivers as you did earlier. Please make sure to cancel any "Hardware update wizard" or "New hardware found Wizard" windows that Windows will pop up upon reboot, continuing with the instructions in those pop-ups will result in a faulty installation of this unit.

What version of Windows are you running on the system? Keep in mind that the drivers supplied with the TV Tuner Card have not been verified with 64bit operating systems.
If you’ve just skinned your system and your running XP, try taking the following steps.
Open the device manager, right click on the Multimedia Controller, and then select remove.
Once the device is removed from the control panel, insert the TV Tuner Card CD and you should see the Autorun.
Now select Install TV Tuner Card Drivers. During the installation you should be asked Modify/Repair/Remove, please select remove and restart your system.

When your computer restarts, you’ll get a screen saying “found new hardware”. 
You may receive more than one screen asking you to install hardware, just select the cancel option on all of them.

Now that Windows has booted up, rerun the CD and select Install TV Tuner Card Drivers once more. Follow the onscreen prompts and install the drivers again. 
You will receive several messages saying “Driver is not digitally signed”, just click continue anyway.

If you’re still having trouble after that, uninstall the device from device manager and remove the software again. Once this is complete, shut the computer down and change the PCI card to another location on your PCI bus inside your computer. Once the card has been relocated, boot the computer back up and follow my installation instructions as outlined earlier.
Good luck.

Make sure you have the latest version of directx, which can be downloaded here.

Also, find out what brand and model Video card you have and download the latest drivers for it also.
- Go into Control Panel > Display
- Click on the Settings Tab
- Click Advanced.
- Click on the Adapter Tab.
This will tell you what card you have.

Go to the manufacturer website and download the appropriate drivers.

If it is an ATI brand, go here.

If it is an Nvidia brand go here.
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