TV Card: No channels found

Last Updated: Dec 19, 2014 09:21AM AEDT

TV Card: No channels found

- This could be because you have a signal booster in your antenna line, If you do have a signal booster, this interferes with the Digital TV Tuners ability to search and find Digital Channels. Try and remove the booster, connect the antenna, and try searching for channels again.

- Another capture device may be installed on your computer, check to see if you have any other hardware such as a webcam, another tv card, video capture card, or anything else which may be using the same video channel as the tv tuner. If found, uninstall all other capture devices.

- The USB 2.0 Tv Tuner may not be receiving enough power, make sure you have it connected to a usb 2.0 port with enough power to run the device (500mA).

- Make sure you have a strong aerial connected, some areas still do not receive digital signal, try taking the device elsewhere and trying it to see if you will get reception elsewhere.

- Do you have the latest video card drivers and DirectX 9.0 installed?

- Try changing Port/Slot of the card, uninstall everything first, then change the port, then go through the installation step-by-step.

- If you have windows Vista installed, either download the drivers if available, or the tv tuner may not work with your OS.
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