TV Card: Poor picture quality or reception

Last Updated: Dec 19, 2014 09:21AM AEDT

TV Card: Poor picture quality or reception

With regards to the quality issue that you are experiencing, I recommend you try manually tuning the reception for the TV channels. You can find this option under the Channel Setup screen. This enables you to modify the receiving frequency of the system and may give you a better image.

When you suggest that the VCR reception is poor, this raises a whole new question in itself. The signal from the VCR does not require tuning and should come through crystal clear. What sort of cables are you using to connect the VCR? Keep in mind that when viewing the images on a PC screen, especially an LCD, you may notice the images look slightly grainy. To help validate this theory, you could always record a few seconds of test video and this would tell us what sort of quality issues we are dealing with.

Also, if you have an S-VIDEO output on your VCR, try using this with the TV Tuner Card as you may get much better results. Please check that your video mode, found in the configuration, is set to PREVIEW rather than OVERLAY. Also try hitting the default button to ensure that there are no Colour/Contrast ect. settings that may be causing the issue.

In terms of the intermittent video encoding, please remember that this process will require a substantial amount of hard drive access, RAM and especially CPU. Considering your systems' specifications I don't see this being an issue, although please be mindful of any other software running that could be causing this. Try disabling anti-virus as this is probably scanning all content as it is being written to the hard drive and may heed the performance of the system.
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