Motion triggered too often

Last Updated: Dec 19, 2014 10:53AM AEDT

Motion triggered too often

Motion recording will be triggered when the DVR detects any difference in the video.

If you are getting interference, if lighting conditions are changing, if trees are swaying, or clouds are moving quickly etc. the DVR may trigger motion.

To make best use of the motion detection feature, mount the camera where it is getting no wireless interference, in a controlled environment, viewing an otherwise still environment with no motion, such as a doorway.

This way motion will generally only be detected and recorded, when an unintended motion event occurs.

Also make sure you have set up the appropriate motion detection sensitivity in the DVR menu.

Changing the motion detection settings may take you a while to tweak specifically to suit your environment, but it is basically a trial and error procedure until you obtain the settings that best suit your security application.
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