Connecting a wired camera to a VCR

Last Updated: Dec 19, 2014 10:34AM AEDT

Firstly, ensure the camera is connected to mains power and is powered up. 

The easiest way to check this is cup your hand around the front of the camera, hold it to your eye and look for the red LED's to light up. Once that is completed take the video cable from the camera which is usually a yellow RCA plug and connect it to the video "INPUT" or "IN" plug on the back or front of your VCR. 

Make sure that Yellow goes to video (usually yellow on the VCR as well) and that audio (usually either white or red, or both) goes to the white or red plugs. These plugs will be the same ones you would connect something like an Xbox or play station to.

Once that is done, please turn on your TV and set your TV up in the same way you would to watch a VCR tape, and once done, please put a VHS tape with a previous recording on it in your VCR and press play. 

If you cannot see the VCR tape playing you will need to check your channel settings and try to get it working correctly before we can continue.

Once you can see the tape being played, this means the VCR is sending a signal to your TV correctly and we can try to tune the VCR into the camera now.

Please look on your VCR remote for buttons called "INPUT" or "INPUT SELECT", or you can try setting the VCR channel to "1" and scroll down in channels. We are looking for an input channel that will take the video footage from the RCA connections we are using, this will usually be called something line "Line 1", "Video" or "Video1", "Game", "Aux" or "Auxiliary", or sometimes "Input". 

Once we hit this channel your camera picture should appear on the screen right away and you can hit record on your VCR when it has a tape inside, and it will record everything you camera sees.
After this has been completed, your TV does not actually need to be there anymore, we merely use it to test the channel with the VCR and to check playback. You may switch off or even remove the TV if you wish once you have the correct channel on the VCR and know you can see your camera footage.

If you have any further queries feel free to contact us.
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