960H (DVRx-3425 and variants) Firmware Release

Last Updated: Jun 09, 2016 01:31PM AEST

A new major release for the 960H analogue recorders based on the x-3425 pattern has been released.

New features include substream recording to increase playback compatibility with the phone applications.  Some minor bug fixes are included.

Also included is Swann's first automatic updates system.  New firmwares will be notified via the on-screen display on the recorder.  Downloading and updating can be accomplished directly from the recorder just by clicking on the notification and accepting the new update.

This firmware is not compatible with DVRs that incorporate the wireless alarm sensor modules (internal module only, with antenna screwed to back panel).  Please do not install this firmware on these units as the wireless alarm sensor modules will become inactive. An update will be provided soon for these models.

After updating to this firmware you MUST format your DVR's Hard Disk to enable the new recording format. Failure to do this will prevent the DVR from recording anything from your cameras.

NB:  This firmware is only for analogue recorders based on the x-3425 pattern (3450, 3520) displaying a Detail No. in System Information starting with '52'.  *DO NOT* attempt to apply this to analogue recorders displaying other information as you may make your DVR inoperable.  Applying the wrong firmware to your system is not covered under warranty.

The firmware is packaged in a ZIP file and must be extracted before being applied.  See the documentation for updating instructions.
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