NHD-815 Camera Firmware Release

Last Updated: Apr 12, 2017 01:54PM AEST

Update 2016/10/19:- New Gen2 firmware release to correct some issues with motion detection.

A new firmware release is now available for the NHD-815 NVR IP Cameras.

The NHD-815 has undergone some hardware changes and the new version of the hardware displays the 3MP mode in widescreen format.  This makes the image conform better to the usual usage of display on a widescreen TV or computer monitor.

The original hardware version displays 3MP in the traditional square format.  This update for the original hardware provides 3MP widescreen support to align with the new hardware's 3MP widescreen display.  We recommend that you utilise the widescreen format once it becomes available after installing this update.

Included in this update are improvements to the camera's motion detection function.

This update should also correct issues customers were experiencing with camera settings reverting overnight.

NB: Users must have updated their recorder to the GA3.1 firmware update for their respective recorder available from the New Software Announcements page.

Quick install steps

All cameras now have the same settings, so identifying the cameras from their options is no longer possible.

Download the correct image file:

Original hardware version - Firmware file starting with  GM813X8M
New hardware version - Firmware file starting with IPC_388M

Copy both image files to a (preferably clean) USB memory stick.

Apply the firmware to the cameras:

Insert the USB memory stick into one of the recorder's USB ports.

Open the menu on the recorder and proceed to System > Maintenance.

In the Maintenance tab, choose the Upgrade IPC from USB button.

On the preparation screen, please click on Browse for each camera and select the new firmware file for each channel from the USB stick.

Once all cameras have firmware files specified, click on the Upgrade button.

The progress indicators will fill and advise when all updates are complete.

Repeat this step with the old firmware file for any cameras that failed, in case some of your cameras are the first hardware revision.

NB: Attempting to update multiple cameras at once may cause incomplete updates.  Simply retry on the cameras that were incomplete and they should complete on the second attempt.
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