New Password Reset Procedure

Last Updated: Dec 02, 2016 11:51AM AEDT

This guide is intended for customers to reset their Swann recorder when they have forgotten their password.  This method is used on recently produced or updated equipment, where the method has been changed from the old challenge/response method that would require customers to call Swann Tech Support and request assistance from an agent.

This guide follows our two main DVR/NVR operating systems through each individual step.  You can ignore the sections that do not pertain to the recorder that you are using.

Identifying the recorder you are using

This guide will address both major user interfaces that Swann uses on their recorders.  For ease of use, we will call these different UIs, OS#1 and OS#2.  Reference the images below:


<OS#1 Password change wizard>

This UI only has username and password entry boxes.  The wizard defaults to start on boot so you may see that instead.


This UI has the additional Forgot Password button which makes it easy to identify.  The wizard is not set to start on boot normally but you may see it if enabled.

Once you know which OS your recorder is using, then you are ready to proceed.

Acquiring the reset code

The reset code on new recorders is acquired primarily by using the relevant client software on a Windows PC.  Other methods exist, but they usually require a level of networking knowledge over what we expect customers need to operate their system.

For OS#1 devices, you will need to download SwannView Plus.

For OS#2 devices, you will need to download SwannView Link.

The reset code itself is a unique 12 character string that is generated by the unique hardware identifier of the network interface of the device, also known as the MAC address.

To find your recorder's reset code, connect the recorder to your router (if you have not yet done so) and install and run the software on your computer.

If you are using a recorder with the OS#1 interface:

If you have never used SwannView Plus before, you will need to enter a username and password before using the software.  We recommend that you enter a simple name and password and use the auto-login feature on the software.

Once you have the software running, cancel the wizard if necessary and open the Device Management page.

On the Device Management page, open the Show Online Devices window.

Here you can see the list of all the detected devices on the network. Select your recorder in the list (there may be cameras as well, ignore them) and look at the MAC Address box in the upper-right. Write down the 12 characters shown there (without the dashes).


If you are using a recorder with the OS#2 interface:

Open the SwannView Link software.

Click on the Add Device button in the upper right.

You should see your recorder on this list, along with possibly one or more cameras.  Write down the 12 characters without the colons from the MAC address column in the row where your recorder is listed  If there is no MAC address column, make sure you are using at least v2.1.2.10.

Entering the reset code

You now use what you wrote down in the previous step to initiate a password reset on the recorder.

If you have an OS#1 recorder:

The reset code needs to be entered into the login window of the recorder.  Enter it in the password field.  Letters are in lower case just as they were in the SwannView Plus software.

If the window you see looks similar to this, you are in the wizard.  The reset code CANNOT be entered in this area.  Cancel the wizard then open the right-click menu and select Main Menu to access the login window.

Once you enter in the "admin" username and reset code, the recorder will reboot.  That indicates that the reset is successful and you will be presented with the window to enter a starting password after the recorder has finished rebooting.


If you have an OS#2 recorder:

Cancel the wizard if it has appeared, then right-click and select the Menu button (bottom left).

When you attempt to access the menu, the login window will appear.  Select the Forgot Password button.

Enter in the reset code by clicking the entry box and using the on-screen keyboard.  The recorder should reboot after you select Apply/OK.


You will need to re-enter a new password every time you reset the password.  The reset code CANNOT be used to log in to the recorder nor can it be used for remote access.

If the guide has not worked for you, then please call our Technical Support line to request assistance with resetting the password.  Make sure that when you call you are with the recorder as our agents may need to provide a time-sensitive reset code.
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