Display Scaling - why it can make software look weird, and what to do about it!

Last Updated: May 17, 2017 03:21PM AEST

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Display Scaling

This article looks at the common Windows setting, Display Scaling, and how to configure the Swann software to appear correctly on your screen.

Display Scaling is a mechanism in Windows where super-high resolution screens can have icons and text appear at a readable size, without reducing the resolution of the screen.  This preserves the clarity that your monitor is capable of.

However, when you use the Display Scaling option, it can cause issues with software that is not designed for the feature, or where particular software needs to preserve the resolution of content (eg. Swann software displaying live camera streams) so that the content appears correctly.

Windows 10 New Control Panel > System > Display

In the Windows Control Panel, you will find a panel called Display, or similar.  In this panel, you will see an option labelled Display Scaling, or for Windows 10, the above-marked option.  If this setting is not at 100% (no scaling), then Windows is changing the size of objects displayed on the desktop.  This can have unintended consequences for some software, such as the text appearing blurry or cut off, the software window extending past the edge of the screen, or other strange graphical effects.

The Solution

Indeed, the cause of the problem also presents the solution to the problem, but in a very different place.

Any application software in Windows has associated Properties, which tells Windows how to interact with the software.  You access these by, right-clicking on the application's icon and selecting Properties.

In the Properties window, we are interested in the Compatibility tab.  Select it.

Windows 10 Properties > Compatibility window for SwannView Link

Here, we can see the solution to our problem!  Select the above-marked option, click OK, and try the software again.  If all goes well, the software should load up and appear correctly on your screen!

Let us know how this works for you in the Comments below.​

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