How to access the DVR or NVR using HomeSafe View software?

Last Updated: Aug 31, 2017 09:35AM AEST

Adding the DVR to the software

  1. Open HomeSafe View. Look for this icon. Description:
    1. If it asks you to login, just click on Login and type in the password you set for the software (default blank).
  2. Under Control Panel, click Group Device Management.
    1. If this icon  is not visible, go to Tool > Group Device Management at the top instead.
  3. If the computer you are using is on the same network where the DVR is, you can click on Add online device  and you should see a similar window below:

    (If the computer is not on the same network, the click HERE)

  4. Select the DVR by clicking it then Add Selected Device.
  5. After doing so, type in a Device Name and the User Name and Password you set at the initial boot up of the DVR.

    Once you are done, click on Add and proceed to Importing Cameras

Computer is not on the same network
  1. If the computer is not on the same network, click on Add Device  and you should see the window below.
  2. Enter the information needed. It should look something like this:

    Once you are done, click on Add and proceed to Importing Cameras


Importing cameras

The DVR will now be listed at the left. Click on Import All to add all cameras to the right with the Group name of DefaultGroup. Should look something similar to this:

(You can click the triangle icon beside DefaultGroup to expand)

Viewing the cameras

  1. To view the cameras, we need to go to Main View. To do so, go back to Control Panel > Main View .
  2. Just click and drag DefaultGroup to the right to load all of the channels.
    NOTE: if you are operating multiple DVRs and only want to load one DVR at a time, expand the DefaultGroup and only drag the required DVR
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