7450/8580 Camera Configuration

Last Updated: Feb 13, 2018 10:46AM AEDT

First and foremost: If you forget the camera's password after you have modified it, you will be UNABLE to reset the camera's password and will need to contact Swann directly to perform a password reset.  Please keep any password modifications secure and memorable to prevent this occurrence.

Please note: You cannot change the camera’s password if it is connected to your NVR. The camera MUST be connected to your router to change the password. A separate PoE injector, PoE switch, or 12V 1A DC camera power supply is also required to power the camera. You can purchase this from most computer and office supply stores (an additional Ethernet cable may also be required).
While the camera is connected to your NVR it cannot be accessed independently, and there really isn’t any benefit in changing the default password. The benefit begins when you plan to connect the camera to your router or network, and you want to increase the login security to prevent unauthorised access via the network.

  1. Download and install the Device Configuration Tool. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete installation.
  2. Before running the software, make sure the camera is connected to your router.
  3. Double-click the “Device Config Tool” icon on your Desktop. You will see the following:
  4. Your NVR and the camera will be detected (cameras directly connected to your NVR will not be shown). Click the camera’s IP address to launch Internet Explorer.
  5. A plugin request will be shown on-screen, click the “download” link then click “Run” to commence installation. After a short moment, the plugin setup will appear on-screen. Close Internet Explorer then click “Install” to install the plugin.
  6. Click the camera’s IP address again. You camera’s login screen will appear:

    Input the default password “admin” then click “Login”.
  7. Click the “Remote Setting” tab (top right), click “System” then click “Users”. You will see the following:
  8. To change the password, click the “Password” dialogue box and enter a new password. Click the “Confirm” dialogue box and confirm your new password. When finished click the “Save” button.

When connecting the camera to your NVR, it will appear “Off-line”. The reason this is happening is because your NVR cannot verify the camera that is connected to the camera input. Please do the following on your NVR:

  1. Right-click the mouse in Live View mode then click “Main Menu”.
  2. On the “IP Channel” tab, click the “Edit” button for the channel that is displaying the “Off-line” message.
  3. For “Password”, click the dialogue box and enter the camera’s new password. Click the “OK” button.
  4. A green status button will appear indicating successful connection. Click the “Close” button to finish.

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