Remote Access - Basic Troubleshooting

Last Updated: May 08, 2018 07:24PM AEST

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If you're having trouble with setting up your recorder for remote viewing, or the remote viewing was working but has since stopped, here are some simple steps for you to try.

1) Reboot the recorder

Rebooting the recorder both clears the memory and sets up the basic network parameters of the recorder again.  This can help if the router has "lost" the recorder from the routing table or if the recorder requires a new local IP address.

2) Reboot the modem and/or network connection devices

There may be an issue with your modem or network connection that is preventing the recorder from contacting the internet correctly.  Rebooting these devices can correct these issues.

3) Reconnect the network cable and/or try a different one

The network (Ethernet) cable connects your recorder to your internet connection devices such as a modem or a router.  Sometimes the contacts may become loose requiring you to replug the cable for the recorder to start working again.  We suggest testing the cable on a different LAN port, located behind your modem/router. If this also fails, then your cable may be defective and may need to be replaced. If you have a spare network cable lying around, try switching the cable to see if it helps.

4) Reset the recorder

While this step is rather drastic, it can also be of use where the recorder's settings have been misconfigured or if you have changed or reconfigured your network or internet hardware.  This will clear all the settings from your recorder, including your network settings which could be causing the issue with your local/remote access from phone or PC.

If this step seems like a lot of work to recover from, do not forget to export the settings of your recorder to a USB stick before you proceed.  That way, if the reset does not correct the issue, you can easily recover the settings lost.  Also, if the reset did solve the issue, you can reapply the settings to see if that was what caused the issue.  Check your recorder's user manual for configuration export instructions.

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