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Wi-Fi related questions:
Question: I have setup my camera but in the app it always says offline?
Answer: Sometimes setting up Wi-Fi can be tricky as Wi-Fi passwords are CASE sensitive and sometimes complex as well. To confirm you have the correct Wi-Fi settings and password simply follow the same process as you did to initially set up the camera as outlined in the Quick Start Guide and User Manual, taking care to enter the password exactly as it appears on your Wi-Fi network device. Also make sure your phone is connected to the network you want to connect your camera to before you start the setup, as this information is saved on the camera during the setup process. If all of the details are correct and it still appears as offline, move your camera closer to your Wi-Fi and see if you can connect.

Question: How far from my Wi-Fi hub can I mount my camera?

Answer: The Wi-Fi range can be up to 65ft / 20m but Wi-Fi signal can be reduced by many things around the home. Take into consideration the amount of walls the Wi-Fi signal must pass through and their construction. The more solid the building material or the more metal the signal must pass through the more impact it has on the Wi-Fi signal. Also take note of electrical equipment and other appliances that may affect the Wi-Fi signal. Some experimentation with locations may be required to get the best signal, check the signal strength in the app to give you a guide on the best placement options.

Question: Can I use range extenders to help improve or extend my connection?
Answer: Range extenders can be very useful in obtaining suitable Wi-Fi signal strength at longer distances. Please refer to the range extender's manufacturer user guide for setup and usage assistance as Swann are unable to directly support these devices.

Question: Should I use 2.4GHz or 5GHz Wi-Fi?
Answer: It depends on how far you need the signal to travel. 5GHz is faster over shorter distances but is less able to penetrate solid objects, while 2.4GHz does not have the raw speed of 5GHz but is better able to reach longer distances and go through walls and other solid objects. If you have to reach longer distances choose 2.4GHz Wi-Fi, but if distance isn't an issue then 5GHz Wi-Fi will be great.

Question: How do I change or update the camera's network settings?
Answer: To change to a different Wi-Fi network or to refresh the Wi-Fi settings simply follow the same process as you did to initially set up the camera as outlined in the Quick Start Guide and User Manual, this will save the new settings on the camera.

Question: What type of Wi-Fi signal can I connect the camera to?
Answer: 2.4GHz - 802.11b/g/n and 5GHz - 802.11a

Question: Can I connect the camera to a mobile broadband device?

Answer: Yes, but keep in mind the internet usage so as to not incur additional costs

Recording questions:
Question: How many days of recordings can I see in the app?
Answer: The ExtraSafe plans come with 30 days of secure cloud storage and 7 days stored on the camera's built in memory. The Free plan gives you 2 days of secure cloud storage and 7 days stored on the camera's built in memory.

Question: What happens to the video after the storage days have expired?
Answer: Make sure you download any clips you need from the activity log as when your storage days expire the video for that day is automatically removed by the system and is no longer retrievable.

Question: How long will the camera record for in each clip?
Answer: Once an event is triggered, the camera records for a minimum of 10 seconds, and if movement continues will keep recording for up to one minute per event.

Question: What happens if there is a power outage and my internet is off?
Answer: The camera will still record and store the clips on the built-in memory, then when the internet connection is restored the camera will upload the relevant clips to your cloud account.

Motion detection questions:
Question: How far away can my camera detect movement?
Answer: Your camera can detect movement of a person up to 25ft / 8m from the camera. Larger objects may detect a little further away and your pets may need to be a little closer before they are detected.

Question: How do I optimize the motion detection?

Answer: PIR sensors work best when the camera is mounted around looking down somewhat and the subject of detection passes across their front. The more the object must "cross" the front of the camera the better the detection reliability. When placing your camera try to avoid situations where the subject would move straight toward the camera if possible. You may need to experiment with the sensitivity settings in the app and camera placement to get the best mix of detection and battery life as too much sensitivity can reduce battery life.

Question: Can my camera detect motion through a window or pane of glass?
Answer: The nature of PIR sensors is that they detect warm moving objects. Given that glass is quite a good insulator, it actively blocks this heat from the camera's PIR sensor and so the sensor cannot detect motion even though you can see movement happening.

Question: Why can’t my camera continuously record?
Answer: In order to preserve battery life, this camera is designed to be in a sleep state for most of the day, only waking to record when the PIR sensor detects a warm moving object. This ensures that you only get relevant recordings and push notifications, rather than hours of wasted footage with nothing happening. If this type of camera was able to continuously record, the battery would be flat in a matter of hours.
Swann offer many other wired security camera kits that are able to offer continuous recording to large hard drives which are designed for this purpose.

Question: What type of detection method is being used by the camera?
Answer: True Detect™ PIR (Passive Infrared) - motion based.

Image related questions:
Question: Sometimes at night or in the early morning the image from my camera is a little cloudy or blurry, why is that?
Answer: Although IP65 weatherproof, the outside of the camera is still subject to frost, ice and dew when out in the open air. We recommend you install under some sheltered location where possible but if this is not suitable for your location simply aiming the camera to look a little downward can stop moisture from settling on the camera lens.

Question: Can my camera see through glass at night?
Answer: The IR lights on the front of the camera reflect back at the lens when behind glass and make it very difficult to see what is happening outside a window. During the day, this won't be a problem and your camera should see out your windows just fine.

Question: Sometimes at night I can see a white edge to the image or some light off to the side of the picture, what is that?
Answer: The IR LEDs around the lens create Infra-Red light so the camera can see clearly at night. While our eyes cannot see this IR light, the camera certainly can. IR light reflected by nearby objects such as walls, roofs and other light colored objects will reflect light into the lens. If this occurs, move your camera to reduce the reflection and check again using the app to confirm the performance. 

Hardware questions:
Question: I see the lights on the front of the camera are on or flashing sometimes, what do they indicate?
Answer: The lights on the front of the camera reflect different modes of operation or camera states, check the User Manual from the link down the page for information on the various LED colors and their meaning.

Question: How do I charge my camera when the battery is low?
Answer: The camera is easily charged using the supplied charge cable and most USB chargers or USB ports. Simply take your camera to the charger and plug it in to USB, it should fully charge in 4 - 6 hours depending on the output of the charger.

Question: What sort of charger should I use to recharge my camera?
Answer: Most phone and tablet chargers will charge your camera just fine. Ideally use chargers rated at 5Volts with 2Amp output as supplied with most tablets and larger phone models. You can also charge from the USB port on a PC or built in USB chargers found on power strips and other similar devices.

Question: How long does the rechargeable battery last for each full charge?
Answer: The battery will give you up to two months of normal use. Note that high sensitivity, frequent access from the app and high numbers of event detection can impact the life of each charge and should be carefully considered when locating and setting the camera. Note also that extreme cold will reduce the effectiveness of the battery.

Question: How do I find out how much charge is left in my camera battery?
Answer: When the camera’s remaining battery level reaches 30% or less, a battery indicator icon will appear on screen to inform you that you will need to charge soon. A precise percentage of battery remaining can be obtained by going into the ABOUT section for the camera and scrolling to the bottom. The app will send push notifications to you when the battery is getting very low and requires a charge. The push notifications are set to automatically go out when the battery reaches 20%, 10%, 5%, then at 2% the camera will notify you that it will shut down until recharged.

App related questions:
Question: I forgot the password to my account, how do I reset it?
Answer: Open the app on your phone, just under the Sign In bar you will see "Forgot Password". Tap here to open the Password Recovery screen and follow the prompts to enter the email address you first signed up with. The system will then email you instructions for resetting your password online. Go to  your  email app and follow the instructions to set a new password, then return to the app to login. Keep a record of the password somewhere safe in case you need it again later.

Question: Why does my camera take a long time to go into Live View?
Answer: In order to preserve battery life, this camera is designed to be in a sleep state until motion is triggered or you connect from the app. From sleep mode, it may take 15-20 seconds for your camera to wake up and to establish a live connection between your phone and the camera. Our development team are already working on ways to reduce this connection time and we will continue to release updated apps and/or firmware to improve the performance of the Smart Security Camera and SAFE by Swann app as they become available.

Question: How long can I view the live stream from the camera in a single session?
Answer: The camera will stream for up to two minutes per live view session then return to standby mode. You can go straight back to live view again from standby for up to 10 minutes from the first view and then the camera will go into sleep mode to preserve the battery.

Question: When I watch the live stream it doesn't seem to play smoothly and sometimes seems slow?
Answer: The camera has 3 different settings for streaming quality; low, medium and high. If you are having problems streaming you can lower the settings and test to see if it improves. Note that lowering the stream settings does not affect the quality of the recordings. If you have very fast upload speeds you can set your camera to high, but if your upload speed is not that good then we recommend you use medium or low for the streaming setting.

Question: How many users can be connected to a camera at once?
Answer: There is no specific limit but we recommended no more than 3 connections at once; the available bandwidth of the internet connection that the camera is using may also limit the connections that can be sustained. 

Question: Where do I find the camera's information such as firmware, manufacturer, state... etc?
Answer: Once you login to your account, tap the drawer icon at the top left then choose Camera Settings. Select your camera then go to the About tab.

Question: Can I setup or view my cameras on my PC or Mac?
Answer: The Safe by Swann app is currently only available on iOS and Android for supported phones and tablets, operation on PC or Mac is not supported.

General questions:
Question: What are the Technical Support options for for this product?
Answer:  The ExtraSafe plan includes unlimited Premium support for the life of the subscription, which includes phone, email, live chat and community support. The Free plans come with 90 days Premium support from date of registration and then changes to Standard support which includes email, live chat and community support.

Question: Can I purchase a screw on mount for my camera?
Answer: Yes, the Swann Outdoor Mounting Stand can be purchased separately.

Question: Can I purchase additional magnetic mounts?
Answer: Currently no, but this will be considered in the future.


SafebySwann App

User Manual

Quick Start Guide




Video Resolution: 1080p Full HD
Viewing Angle: 120° Wide Angle
Motion Sensitivity: True Detect™ Thermal / Heat-Sensing PIR
PIR Distance: Up to 25ft / 8m
Night Vision Distance: Up to 32ft / 10m

MemoryUp to 32ft / 10m
Power SourceRechargeable 6000mAh Lithium Battery
Battery RechargingVia Micro USB Cable 
Audio Microphone: Yes
Audio RangeUp to 16ft / 5m
Operating Temperature14°F/10°C to 113°F/45°C
Indoor / OutdoorIndoor & Outdoor (weatherproof IP65 rated) 
Wi-Fi Frequency: 2.4GHz & 5GHz

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