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NVR16-8580RN - Flood/Spot lights schedule changing on reset or reboot of NVR



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    Jeff Higgs

    My 8 camera system does exactly the same, I noticed that the lights were coming on during the day so i checked and noticed they had all reset following a reboot....needs tech service to find out why ?

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    Danik Pew (danikpew)

    Same thing here. Did you guys figure out any solution aside from turning off the auto reboot feature ?

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    Wayne Geary

    In response to Danik,

    the answer is I have not found any solution.
    It is a case of <fingers crossed> hoping that Swann Security will fix this bug in the firmware sometime (real) soon.

    The worst side for me is that since my initial post in August, we have had two further network power supply outages.
    The second being on Friday 24th November 2023 (Yep, Black Friday) for about 4 hours affecting over 1900 homes in our suburb!.
    I have a small UPS that keeps the Swann Security camera system operating for a while along with my Internet broadband access box,
    but that UPS battery only lasts about 2 hours.

    On restoration of the network mains power to our house, the Swann Security system has once again on restart/reboot
    set all the LED flood/spot lights to be active for motion all 24 hours of the day.

    So once again, today I must go back into the Swann Security app and reset the timing for the LED flood/spot lights.

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