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Camera viewing locally and remotely.


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    If I'm thinking correctly. To make it easier for my to think.
    Let's imagine your Studio is somewhere else in the world, on it's own separate internet connection.
    And your NVR is at the house.

    The only way to view all cameras at the Studio would be through a remote connection.
    Definitely 100% possible through the mobile app.
    For your PC at the Studio, you'll probably need Swan application, something like the Video Management Software,
    add device, and then enter your IP address/or Device ID, and ports etc. So you may need to tinker with Port forwarding stuff.
    Then if it works, you could leave the application open.
    Or have a separate low powered PC, install the app etc, and connect to another HDMI port on 80". 
    That way you can simply change source, and view cameras.

    But yeah, sounds doable.

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