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Swann allsecure650 2k Wireless Security Kit


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    James C

    Hi Nathan, congratulations on your purchase of an Allsecure kit.

    As a battery powered camera, there is quite a difference between how your Allsecure operates compared to the old NVW-480 which was DC powered. To ensure maximum battery life the Allsecure cameras wake on PIR activity and record for a set time that is able to be modified in the menu froim 10 to 60 seconds per event. After this the cameras will sleep until they detect more activity. If the cameras were to record non-stop as you mentioned, the battery will only last a day or so. As you mentioned on the console you can click to start live view on each camera or on the task bar at the bottom, click the All Live button to get all cameras live streaming. Again, to keep the batteries from running flat the live time is limited. As you noted the app will keep the cameras awake longer, but again lots of long duration live viewing will impact the time between charges.

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